What the heck is this place? Well throughout the years, this site and all the stuff hosted on its domain, were mostly used as a testbed of various web stuff. Everytime I came across an interesting script, or wanted to learn my away around some coding, or just see what the big deal was with Drupal, I would put it up ere and give it a good test. Nowadays I may still test a few things online, but I’ve moved over to offline testing for the most part, setting up a local WAMP-like server for dev purposes isn’t too difficult nowadays, and it allows you to get things done much faster.


This is the personal website of a geek/gamer who has gone by many screen names, characters, and aliases; Neo and Zheet being most used, followed by Zim and kupatrix. In the real world, where one must interact with others, I’m known as Nick.

[third-person-mode-engage] Nick is an avid PC gamer, who enjoys reading sci-fi books, watching sci-fi tv shows and movies, anime, and is a general fan of Marvel and DC stuff. Surprisingly enough he has never gotten into Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering (or any other tabletop/card games); nor has he read much manga or comics. Along with those hobbies, he also enjoys web design and working with computers. [/disengage]

Help me!

I’ve been known to help folks out from time to time with random computer issues, or even take on web design projects. If you’ve got a problem, or are considering building a website, drop me a message!


For anyone interested, the name of this site is a play of some old screen names I used to use and my fondness of moogles. How does that work? Well I went by Neo in various parts of the internet (Still do!), though not because of the movie (believe it or not, I chose Neo first dammit!). So it seemed to make sense: combine “Kupo” with “Matrix”.  To pronounce it, sound it out like so: Koo – Pay – Tricks. Currently, the website’s mascot is a “NeoMog”, a customized moogle based off Mog from Final Fantasy VI.

Questions? Comments? Flames?

Please feel free to email me, [email protected], or fill it out my feedback/contact form!