Faulty WordPress Database and Image Issues


Just a quick post, before I forget everything: We had an issue with one of the wordpress installs mishandling images, for instance if you went to add a photo from your media library it would put src”” in the post/page, but the images and thumbnails themselves still existed and could be pulled up directly. After the standard “check the theme, plugins, wordpress files, server settings” I came across a small comment about checking the database which never even occurred to me because the wordpress in question isn’t all that complex or big. Lo and behold, after running and repair and Continue reading



Recently did some server maintenance, which I think I’m going to write some posts about if for no other reason then to help me remember if I need to do it in the future. Digitalocean is a great webhost, but they don’t configure swap files by default, which was both a good and bad thing. Bad because mysql ran into memory issues on one of my sites, but good because I learned some more about how swap files work.

Remixes Galore


I’ve always been a big fan of video game remixes especially those from OCR, one of my favorite things is come back around to OCR after a few months (or even longer if I’ve been distracted) and discover all the new remixes that have been posted — or even better albums. I do wish there was a better way to “sync” up my collected remixes with newer ones that have been released, but ah well.



I’ve been working on my ‘backend’ setup for awhile, the last few weeks I’ve basically just been letting things go to see how stable they are — as far as I can tell they’ve been great. I’m planning on a post or two detailing some of my experiences running my own VPS with digital ocean, and what I miss from shared hosting. For instance, I took email for granted. I’m still not sure if my SIMPLE AND BASIC forward (neo@kupatrix) works or not; I’ve been running into an issue with gmail auto-flagging system emails from my backend as spam :(