Blizzard’s Re-introduction of Flying to WoW


Props to Blizzard. It feels strange that no-flying was even on the table, and from what we’ve heard over the past couple of years makes it clear it was even a controversial topic internally. Like I get that there was a sudden influx of former wow devs or whatever from Titan and that likely saw a shift away from the direction WoW was going, but to have a feature in the game for SEVER YEARS be pulled in current and any future content over really dumb reasons (No one expects to be flying while leveling up, besides Cataclysm, literally every Continue reading

Guide – Setup a Swap on a CentOS 6.x VPS

One of my sites awhile back started having memory issues, MySQL seemed to be crashing because it would run out of memory whenever it was being hit too hard. Originally I thought it was just a database issue, but the site was really simple — wordpress powered, it shouldn’t be eating through that much ram that fast I thought. Eventually I came across an offhand comment about DigitalOcean not configuring swap memory files on their droplets (by default). Since one of DO’s features is that they host on Solid-State Drives, it means swap memory in comparison is much much faster Continue reading



Recently did some server maintenance, which I think I’m going to write some posts about if for no other reason then to help me remember if I need to do it in the future. Digitalocean is a great webhost, but they don’t configure swap files by default, which was both a good and bad thing. Bad because mysql ran into memory issues on one of my sites, but good because I learned some more about how swap files work.

Remixes Galore


I’ve always been a big fan of video game remixes especially those from OCR, one of my favorite things is come back around to OCR after a few months (or even longer if I’ve been distracted) and discover all the new remixes that have been posted — or even better albums. I do wish there was a better way to “sync” up my collected remixes with newer ones that have been released, but ah well.

Warcraft and Squishing


One of the features in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion to World of Warcraft was a squishing of numbers. I wasn’t planning to make a post on this, but I thought it was interesting enough to through up — you see on the night before the pre-patch that included the “squishing” I took some screenshots of some of my characters before, so that later I could compare them for after the squish. So earlier I went through and took some after shots to compare. Oh and keep in mind some of the characters were re-kajiggered so some of the Continue reading