Whiteboard Disappointment

So I spent some time working with Whiteboard looking for a replacement for Sandbox. If you couldn’t tell, I was not impressed. At first I was thrilled because it was lightweight, reminding me of why I like Sandbox… But then I started working with it. Man was I wrong! I’ve decided that, instead of giving up Sandbox, I’ll simply update it for my own use. I’m planning to update it to include support for managing menus with WordPress, and even including an updated dropdown menu setup, etc… I actually have done this for quite a few projects, most recently for Continue reading

Sandbox for WordPress

In the glorious past (’09) there was an awesome barebones theme for WordPress called Sandbox. I discovered and instantly fell in love. I’ve used it actually for all of my projects from then on, but as WordPress updated it became dated, I have to “update it” now to include basic support for menus and other things that are somewhat basic and standard with most themes nowadays. Over the years I’ve tried to find a replacement, but I usually come across projects that seem to miss the entire point of a basic wordpress theme. Sandbox is nice because it’s easy to Continue reading

Why Internet Explorer?

Why must you be so cruel to me? I’ve never done anything to you! In fact I refused to switch from using you for years until I finally moved to Firefox.  I even defended you against those who didn’t understand how awesome you were. So… why do you hate me? Why must you taunt me? My design looks fine in every browser… But then I open it with you and it’s like a twisted joke of epic proportions. I love designing websites, coding them especially. For some reason I just enjoy it a lot, but one of things I never Continue reading

Headers, Menus, and Search Boxes

After spending some time working on a new header/menu area for the site, I implemented a couple of things I’ve done in the past, most notably having a transparent PNG serving as an overlay. Over on Blizzforums the header images are basic, the only added feature are scanlines, however there is a nifty logo that’s a transparent PNG with alpha transparency so it works with any header graphic. Basically the idea there is that instead of imprinting the BF logo on every header graphic, I would just leave it as a PNG and have it sit on top of whatever Continue reading

Header Woes

I decided I didn’t like the header anymore, and removed it. I also miss having a horizontal menu of some kind. So I’m going to add a menu and a new header soon. I also changed some other stuff around here, colors especially. I like the dark design, but I think the text was too dark as well. Needed to get some contrast. I’ve kept wordpress updated, of course, but my foundation theme — Sandbox — is pretty dated at this point and I haven’t found a good replacement. It seems to me that all the available blank wordpress themes Continue reading