Testing a new theme. I intend to fully customize it, however I really didn’t want to start from scratch. I have some ideas for new content/new content sections. I thought it would be cool to share what I know about WoW, and now FF14:A Realm Reborn (which I’m having a ton of fun in).


So I’m not dead. I’m trying to decide what I want this site to be. I’m gonna do a redesign, and then I’m gonna do something with it. I’ve decided to not even support comments (design wise), I might throw in like Livefyre or something. I’ve seen them over on WoW Insider and really liked how easy it was. The comments also aren’t completely useless for mobile either. Think I want to do a sort of a throwback to one of my earliest designs, but modernize it a bit, make it full on responsive maybe. We’ll see! Been playing lots Continue reading

Favicons are Fickle

Gosh favicons are finicky. I just got done cleaning up and organizing my years-old collection of bookmarks and noticed that I didn’t really like my current website favicon so pulled out an old sprite someone “made” for me, modified from Mog’s sprite in FF6. I’ve sort of grown attached to it over the years and so it seems to fit perfectly as a favicon. I found a really promising “sandbox” replacement for wordpress, I’ll be working on a project shortly utilizing it, I have high hopes for it, it will be nice to work with something that’s been updated to Continue reading

The Shoutbox is a Lie

I’ve recently had some trouble with Blizzforums, or rather the entire server. It seems there are still some issues that need to be worked out, but in the mean time those who visit BF were either stuck with a download prompt, or now thanks to me a simple HTML page that let’s them know it’s down. What I was trying to do was find a a simple shoutbox, chat, etc… type script — preferably a wordpress one — I could just drop in and let folks use temporarily until BF is fixed. But apparently that is impossible to do. I’ve Continue reading

Still Lazy, Still Cold

I can just never seem to post anything to this site, not sure why. I rather love the design and even have some new headers to upload into my expanding random pool. I guess I’m just not sure what to post about… though that’s not entirely correct either! There is stuff I’d love to discuss but for some reason I’ve got this idea in my head that if I know about whatever it is I want to talk about, than surely everyone else does! Crazy right? This winter has been harsh, hasn’t it? The ice storm we got slammed with Continue reading