StackersonsI’ve collected quite a few things throughout the years, from random funny photos and graphics, to awesome wallpapers, to things like old Adult Swim bumps. I’ve decided to start archiving them on my site, and what better place to put them, then in a “stash”? Oh sure, I could put them under “misc”, but that’s overused, and have you tried spelling miscellaneous lately? That word is a bastard, I dare you to “sound it out”, see what I mean?! I could have gone with “stuff” as well, but that’s also too generic for me. I could have gone with “dump”, but that’s a bit harsh. So welcome to my stash, where I have, or will eventually, archive a ton of the photos, wallpapers, misc images, sounds or music, and other misc stuff I’ve hoarded over the last decade and a half.


PS: If I happen to have added something of yours, such as a kickass wallpaper or cool piece of fanart, I’d be happy to properly source it or even pull it (please reconsider!), just drop me a message!