Off by a Pixel

There are times when coding a design goes from being fun to being an exercise in what feels like futility. It came to my attention that there was a positioning error with my new layout. Yes, it was off by 1 pixel. One measly little pixel and it ruined my morning. I searched around for awhile until I came across some really dirty CSS Hacks that addresses the bug in Chrome, Safari, and even Firefox. After tweaking the CSS I finally fixed it! …Almost. Now it’s Opera throwing a fit. As much as I am obsessive about this sort of thing, I also know when enough is enough. I would prefer to avoid loading my CSS up with various hacks because of a 1px deviation, that may or may not even rear it’s annoying head! So instead I’ll just apologize to those browsing with Opera who notice a 1px glitch with the design and ask that you not hold it against me. At least I’m nice enough to not to force you to some page demanding you use Firefox or some other equally stupid tactic.

I’ve been busy lately with a smaller project for someone, so have not had enough time to toy with my design and finish the remaining areas up, especially in regards to comments, though I wonder how many people read the site, much less feel the need to comment. Though I suppose I could always go on some political rant and piss a bunch of people off!

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