Why Internet Explorer?

Why must you be so cruel to me? I’ve never done anything to you! In fact I refused to switch from using you for years until I finally moved to Firefox.  I even defended you against those who didn’t understand how awesome you were. So… why do you hate me? Why must you taunt me? My design looks fine in every browser… But then I open it with you and it’s like a twisted joke of epic proportions.

I love designing websites, coding them especially. For some reason I just enjoy it a lot, but one of things I never really liked is fighting various browsers and the way they display things. Most often I come across this problem when working in a site that’s already active or a design that was coded by someone else. I don’t know how to explain it, but it always feels like I’m walking into someone else’s playground, and getting lost.

For anyone interested my most recent IE issue was related to it’s z-index mishandling. I cannot wait until I can switch to CSS3 completely… Sadly that day is not today.

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