Listening to VG Music from the Past

I’ve been going through my files, some date back to ancient times, when dialup was standard, and blinking html was cool. In the past I used to have a Drupal-powered website, this was before I learned about WordPress, and I admit that I enjoyed it, I don’t think I really had that much trouble with it, but as far as a running a single person site, it seemed overkill. Eventually I moved on to WordPress, but in doing so I wiped my old site clean, along with it some various sections and files. Why does any of that matter?

Well I used to have a cool little mini-guide on playing SPC or PSF/2 files in Winamp. Earlier I came across my old “music” folder on a backup and it had some Final Fantasy game rars, along with Winamp 2.95, and SNESamp (a plugin for winamp that enables playback of snes SPC music files). Currently I’m listening to Chrono Trigger music — the really cool thing about this, is that it’s not just converted, it’s literally the same sounds you hear when playing the actual game.

Recently I’ve been adding a lot of random pics to my stash section, however I think I’ll detour from the mindless graphics to vg music, it would be sort of fun to recreate my old guides.