Basic Bear Tanking Macros

I was asked about what macros I use as a Bear tank, and if I could share them. If there was one thing I wish Blizzard would add to WoW, is make it easy to share macros with your friends or fellow guild members. However if that was the case, then I wouldn’t get the chance to use my site for something other than a random post every couple of months. In World of Warcraft macros can make the difference between an alright player, and a great player. With this post I’ll walk you through briefly how to make macros (it’s easy!) and what the four basic macros I personally use.

Open the macro pane and click “New”

When you login to your Druid open the macro pane, to get to the macro pane all you have to do is hit the “ESC” key and click the “Macros” button or you can type /macro into the chat box and hit enter (I use the latter method as it’s faster). When you see the macro pane, click on the “<character> Specific Macros” tab (after all, you’re other toons are not likely to need to use your Bear’s macros!).

New Macro

Oh yeah, and once you get to your bear’s specific macro page, click on New. You’ll see the following:


We’re going to be creating a macro for Mangle first, so you should name this macro “Mangle”. Leave the icon as the question mark. Hit Okay.

Create your first macro!

Right now you have an empty macro named Mangle, lets fill it in! Copy the following and paste it into your “Mangle” macro.

#showtooltip Mangle (Bear)()
/cast Mangle (Bear)()
/cast [nomodifier]
!Maul() /startattack

It should look like this after you’ve copied the text into your macro:


Now all you have to do is create three more macros for the other Bear attacks:

Name: Lac

/cast Lacerate(Rank 3)
/cast [nomodifier] !Maul()


Name: Swipe

#showtooltip Swipe (Bear)
/cast Swipe (Bear)()
/cast [nomodifier] !Maul()

macro5 Name: FFF

#showtooltip Faerie Fire (Feral)
/cast Faerie Fire (Feral)
/cast [nomodifier] !Maul()


Notes: These macros are setup so that when you use a modifier key (ALT for instance) your attacks will NOT use Maul. This is very useful in situations with low rage. Keep that in mind whenever you find that you’re burning rage too fast, just hold alt!

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