Why Do Desks Suck?

I’ve been searching for a new desk the past day or two, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they all suck. The company that I bought my last twodesks from — none of thier designs today look even half as interesting as my last or current desk.

So I’ve decided to build my own. I want to keep it simple but also build it for me, or rather my height. I’m wondering how best to put together the underside, I would like some shelving or a cabinet or two, but I would also like this desk to be easy to move later on. At the least I intend to have a simple compartment to hold my tower below the desk, but raised off the ground…

I’m still debating, however, whether to have a raised portion on top of the desk. I currently do this because I want my monitor eye level, but if I plan this new desk to be raised high enough then I won’t need to add a shelf or something to the top. Well whatever I do I think I’ll just build the basic desk first, then decide later if I need to add anything to it.

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