Slow and Steady

Hey that’s the reason I’ve not posted in a month’s time. Yeah, that’s it! The real reason is that I just got side tracked with WoW. But I’ve been getting bored with it, not even getting into ICC is making me want to stay. I’ll be working on a huge meta-achievement over the next week or two, and then I’ll probably let my subscription lapse. Or not. My guild is pretty cool.

On the flip side I’ve seen Iron Man 2 twice, once at a midnight showing and again a few days later. Still awesome the second time around. I really enjoyed it, much better than most of the other crud coming out of hollywood. The new JJ flick and The Last Airbender are both looking really cool. Inception is also slightly intriguing, but the trailer seemed to basically give it away.

Besides movies I’ve just finished reading the Destiny Star Trek book series, and I got to say I really enjoyed them. However I have to wonder how many times the extended book ‘verse can “devastate” the Federation until there’s no one left. I really like Bacco, and the other secondary characters that were given their own minor histories and stuff. I love that the Borg have finally been taken care of, though part of me liked the Shatner take on it. My favorite series is — was — New Frontier by Peter David, but the most recent book in that series was extremely out there. I mean WTF out there. I really liked the time-skip at first, but now I’m not so sure, especially now that he’s killed off a major character and he’s got others spread out in various areas. It was one thing with two captains and two ships, but now it’s two ships, an admiral, a new empire, and the traitor with the ghost ship. To be honest it almost feel’s like he phoned in the last book, I don’t even know if I’ll pickup the next one now.

On a related note, I’m actually looking for a new Sci-Fi series to pickup and read. But I’m really particular about my sci-fi, especially in book form. I might go back and read that Shatner series “Quest for Tomorrow”; though that just annoys me because the last book was never written. Maybe I’ll just go back and read his Star Trek books, they’re not that bad actually. Or maybe I’ll just go off and pickup the books that Legend of the Seeker is based off of.

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