Slow and Steady

Hey that’s the reason I’ve not posted in a month’s time. Yeah, that’s it! The real reason is that I just got side tracked with WoW. But I’ve been getting bored with it, not even getting into ICC is making me want to stay. I’ll be working on a huge meta-achievement over the next week or two, and then I’ll probably let my subscription lapse. Or not. My guild is pretty cool. On the flip side I’ve seen Iron Man 2 twice, once at a midnight showing and again a few days later. Still awesome the second time around. I Continue reading

Clash of, the Seeker

I caught Clash of the Titans yesterday, you know the 56th remake? There must be a new one of these “remade” every few years. Because our theater was still pushing Alice in Wonderland, or Avatar in 3D I missed the 3D action. Still I don’t think that would’ve changed things that much. The movie itself was ok, but the characters, or maybe the acting, seemed really flat and boring. The action scenes, however, are more than worth it. Still I would count this movie more as one to pickup on DVD rather than blow 7-12 bucks on a movie ticket. Continue reading