I just put up a portfolio of my most recent — and distant past — projects. As I was nearing the end I started to debate whether to include certain designs I worked on. On the one hand they ARE my designs, but on the other hand they’re very… well not bad, just amateurish at this point in time. Some of the designs I actually cringed when I dug up some of my old screenshots. You know that saying that goes “people are their own worst critics” (or at least that’s the gist of it)? I’m a very harsh self-critic. I’m never happy unless things are just perfect, so seeing my old designs like that was, well not torture, but not fun either! It was all I could do to not open Photoshop and start redoing the layouts!!

It’s amazing how much of my time is spent online, but how little I utilize my website. I always say how I’m going to post more often, but we see how that goes. However I’m going to print out a big ol’ message that says “POST AT LEAST ONCE A DAY” and I’m gonna pin it to my bulletin board (which I’ll move to be right over my desk).


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