Summer is Hot

I suppose I’ve failed again to post regularly, but I’m so active elsewhere it seems like I blow all my “energy” there and ignore my poor website. Oh well. I did upgrade stuff in the back and I’m looking at some changes, and maybe trying to integrate my activities elsewhere so they show up here so at least people will know I’m actually around if not posting.

I’m becoming bored with WoW… It’s interesting really because this is the first time I’ve raided in all the time I’ve played (off and on over the years) and I’m actually having fun… however it’s becoming more and more annoying. My warlock is coming along in ICC, thanks to some drama the guild has had things sort of split up, but he’s at least almost 11/12 (Sindy is giving us some trouble mostly due to positioning issues and the like). My “main” character, my Druid, however is sitting neglected. I really enjoy tanking as a bear and I want to try to get into ICC more with him, but no one really needs a tank as we have some really good ones already, and most are Paladins — and they’re haxxing ways became obvious the other night when we downed Blood Queen when all but the tanks wiped and they took down the last 120k~ of her HP.

My main also has Loremaster, and he’ll finish up “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been” come Halloween. Really there’s not much left to do except consolidate, sell off mats, hoard gold, and wait for cataclysm to drop. I’ll probably start running Zul’Gurub again, as it appears they’re removing it as a raid in Cataclysm — gotta get those mounts and turtle tomes!

Well that it for now, I’m off to update the site with a portfolio page, it seems that I forgot to “re-implement” one after I moved the site over to this new design.

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