Still Lazy, Still Cold

I can just never seem to post anything to this site, not sure why. I rather love the design and even have some new headers to upload into my expanding random pool. I guess I’m just not sure what to post about… though that’s not entirely correct either! There is stuff I’d love to discuss but for some reason I’ve got this idea in my head that if I know about whatever it is I want to talk about, than surely everyone else does! Crazy right?

This winter has been harsh, hasn’t it? The ice storm we got slammed with was the worst I can personally recall, we’ve always had cases of lots of snow here or there, but not being able to walk out the door (literally) was definitely a new experience. Can’t imagine what was going on in Sadie’s head, poor dog! She once came sliding back down an incline with this shocked look on her face!

While the climate here is dismal at times, it’s nothing we can’t overcome. Still really proud of my brother, kicking ass at IUPUI. Can’t wait to see my mom refresh her macrame skills and start creating some kickass plant hangers or wall hangings or jewelry or whatever it is you macrame. As for me? more consistent work here and there, some new projects on the way… it’s actually been a pretty good year so far.

I want to try to post some real content to my site, as well as Blizzforums. Feels like I’ve been posting less and less in general everywhere but truthfully I’m very opinionated and have lots to say dammit! Think I’ll try to make a couple posts here shortly about some random stuff I’ve been following in the news.

I’ve also been having some issues with spammy comments and trackbacks(pings) so I’ve disabled both for the time being. Not that I’m popular enough to get any actual visitors commenting legitimately, but still!

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