Header Woes

I decided I didn’t like the header anymore, and removed it. I also miss having a horizontal menu of some kind. So I’m going to add a menu and a new header soon. I also changed some other stuff around here, colors especially. I like the dark design, but I think the text was too dark as well. Needed to get some contrast.

I’ve kept wordpress updated, of course, but my foundation theme — Sandbox — is pretty dated at this point and I haven’t found a good replacement. It seems to me that all the available blank wordpress themes completely miss the point. Don’t get me wrong some of them were quite interesting, but none of them were Sandbox. Sandbox is also lightweight, the default css barely clocks in at 6kb, and even then you don’t need it all. I saw a couple of these so-called “blank themes” (what someone like me would use to create a design from) that had default css weighing in at 60kb or more!

What I’m looking for in one of these sort of builder themes is not to have to fight the default css, or to go through 800+ lines of it to figure out what needs to be changed. Anyway I guess it’s not that big a deal, Sandbox still works, but I do think I’ll be putting together a custom copy that supports navigation menus (wordpress-managed menus — like widgets) and some other stuff and keeping it handy for when I’m designing a new site.

ps: yes I’m still alive :)

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