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Swipe is OP!

Been looking through my sites recently and realized it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I want to do some more WoW posts, but I’ve decided to hold on until Cataclysm goes final, as too many classes, spells, etc… seem to be in flux. For instance my old bear macros post is now outdated. Though truthfully bear tanking hasn’t really changed all that much, even now I basically use 2 buttons for single target tanking, and maybe 3 for AoE pulls (but even that’s iffy given how powerful swipe is currently on live).

I let my time run out recently, aside from the pre-cata events nothing was really that exciting anymore. I do miss playing with guildies and friends, but sometimes you just need a break from the game! Lest you forget it’s just a game, you know?

I’ll be starting work soon on a possible new Blizzard fansite. Still in the planning stages but I’ve got a bunch of ideas. I think Blizzforums deserves one final chance at becoming its own official (or unofficial) Blizzard fansite.

Basic Bear Tanking Macros

I was asked about what macros I use as a Bear tank, and if I could share them. If there was one thing I wish Blizzard would add to WoW, is make it easy to share macros with your friends or fellow guild members. However if that was the case, then I wouldn’t get the chance to use my site for something other than a random post every couple of months. In World of Warcraft macros can make the difference between an alright player, and a great player. With this post I’ll walk you through briefly how to make macros (it’s easy!) and what the four basic macros I personally use.