Clash of, the Seeker

I caught Clash of the Titans yesterday, you know the 56th remake? There must be a new one of these “remade” every few years. Because our theater was still pushing Alice in Wonderland, or Avatar in 3D I missed the 3D action. Still I don’t think that would’ve changed things that much. The movie itself was ok, but the characters, or maybe the acting, seemed really flat and boring. The action scenes, however, are more than worth it. Still I would count this movie more as one to pickup on DVD rather than blow 7-12 bucks on a movie ticket.

Legend of the Seeker started airing again, I actually missed a couple episodes, but that’s ok. I love catching up on 2-3 instead of just one. This series, I feel, is a very worthy successor, at least spiritually, to Xena or Hercules (infact many of the same crew work on Seeker). However there are a lot fewer instances of… humor I suppose. There are still funny moments, but overall the series is much more serious, and is actually quite a bit more gruesome. A recent episode showed an enemy’s head falling from her body, one of the current “Good Guys” is a chick who was raised into being a “Mord’Sith” which apparently means she’s anti-magic (anything magical used against her, she can turn it around) and has some cool little ‘batons’ that cause pain to anyone who comes in contact with, including herself however her training taught her to master such pain and discomfort. For others it’s excruciating.

I know my posting has been a little off recently, but I’ve been putting the finishing touches on this current project, as well as looking seriously into tanking for more difficult encounters than just Heroics and the odd weekly raid in Naxx or Ulduar. The next post I make will be to setup a permanent home for Antioch Chronicles, an old Starcraft (and Brood War) fan campaign that I feel is still one of the best, even if it doesn’t have all the crazy stuff a series like LotC does.

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