How To: Craft High Quality Stuff


I thought I’d document a couple of the ways you can leverage cross-class abilities to almost always craft High Quality stuff. So right off the bat, the bare minimum you need for this is a Level 15 Culinarian for Hasty Touch (50% Success, 100% Quality, 0 CP), Higher Level Crafter (any) for Master’s Mend II (Recover 60 Durability, 160cp), and Level 15 Alchemist for Tricks of the Trade (restore 20  CP, only during “Good” status, 0CP, doesn’t effect durability). A couple other notes: This method can be used for non-50 crafting, and even non-AF gear, but for the higher level Continue reading

Level 50 Culinarian: Where Did My Inventory Space Go?!

Culinarian - Apple Juice

After I finished leveling my Miner to 50 (yes it took awhile, the last level I did Leves in Mor Dhona) and spending some time on my Goldsmith making some gear to sell on the Market, I decided to start another crafter. Originally I wasn’t going to touch Culinarian, but then I learned about two very useful skills you can pickup a long the way: Hasty Touch which is very useful as part of the Inner Quiet > Hasty Touch/Tricks of the Trade > Mend cycle that can help you HQ most higher durability items and Steady Hands II, which Continue reading

Mining, an exercise in patience


To be honest, the only way to level mining, is patience. For those of you who are interested in using Leves to level your miner, I would suggest you try to mine normally as far as you can stand it, and then find the highest level Evaluation leve you can find, and repeat it until you’re out of allowances — for me, personally, I’ve decided to save my leves for more crafter classes. What I do while mining, is watch netflix — I use a small program called “Always on Top”, think I got it from a Lifehacker article ages Continue reading

Leveling Goldsmith to 50, Leve Abuse

Level 50 Goldsmith

Over the weekend I was able to max out my first crafter class in FF14, Goldsmith. I chose this because I had to start somewhere, and I figured being able to make (or at least repair) my own jewelry would be useful down the line. Plus for one class (aside from like Weaver maybe) it allows me to meld materia to the most sockets. I’d thought I’d mention a couple things I learned while leveling it: Trying to make money was, at least for me, an exercise in futility, market is flooded with normal mats, and most HQ stuff I Continue reading



Testing a new theme. I intend to fully customize it, however I really didn’t want to start from scratch. I have some ideas for new content/new content sections. I thought it would be cool to share what I know about WoW, and now FF14:A Realm Reborn (which I’m having a ton of fun in).