I just put up a portfolio of my most recent — and distant past — projects. As I was nearing the end I started to debate whether to include certain designs I worked on. On the one hand they ARE my designs, but on the other hand they’re very… well not bad, just amateurish at this point in time. Some of the designs I actually cringed when I dug up some of my old screenshots. You know that saying that goes “people are their own worst critics” (or at least that’s the gist of it)? I’m a very harsh self-critic. Continue reading

Why Do Desks Suck?

I’ve been searching for a new desk the past day or two, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they all suck. The company that I bought my last twodesks from — none of thier designs today look even half as interesting as my last or current desk. So I’ve decided to build my own. I want to keep it simple but also build it for me, or rather my height. I’m wondering how best to put together the underside, I would like some shelving or a cabinet or two, but I would also like this desk to be easy Continue reading

Slow and Steady

Hey that’s the reason I’ve not posted in a month’s time. Yeah, that’s it! The real reason is that I just got side tracked with WoW. But I’ve been getting bored with it, not even getting into ICC is making me want to stay. I’ll be working on a huge meta-achievement over the next week or two, and then I’ll probably let my subscription lapse. Or not. My guild is pretty cool. On the flip side I’ve seen Iron Man 2 twice, once at a midnight showing and again a few days later. Still awesome the second time around. I Continue reading

A Clean Slate

I’ve not used my website much over the past year. At times I wondered if I even needed a website anymore, even considered closing it down. However this seemed to be part of an overall “designer’s block” I was having in regards to designing anything. Whether it was a signature for a forum, or a full blown layout, I just couldn’t seem to get into it anymore. But like most “blocks” it eventually lifted. Late last year I worked on an international website project with members all over Europe. I spent a lot of time working on that site and Continue reading